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The equine oral cavity is complex and constantly changing. Young horses may need retained deciduous teeth removed and can have very sharp enamel points that need to be floated (rounded) to prevent damage to their cheeks and pain during bitting. Middle aged horses can have waves, steps, hooks, and ramps that need to be addressed. Older horses can have loose teeth that need to be extracted, infections, or diastemas with food packing that need to be treated. These are only a few of the reasons why routine oral exams and teeth floating are important for your horse’s health from the young to our special geriatric horses.

Geriatric Medicine

Our geriatric patients are very special patients. As with any species, our aging horses may have special medical needs. Biannual physical exams are very important to screen for dental problems, endocrine issues, nutritional changes, musculoskeletal problems, and much more.

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